The Bahá’ís of Idaho Falls invite you to join us to investigate and learn about the latest dispensation from God and His Manifestation — Bahá'u'lláh

Terraces on slope for Mt Carmel in Haifa, Israel from harbor to top of the mountain.

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The Idaho Falls Baha’is welcome your inquiry and questions.

We would be happy to discuss the Baha’i Faith or religions down through the ages with you.We believe God is one, and religion is one, and the Teachers all come from the same Source - God. These religions and Teachers have been sent to educate mankind. Each religion is like the grades of a school with different Teachers. Each Teacher brings more knowledge to foster mankind’s growth and maturity.

We welcome your interest and questions about the world-wide Baha’i Community.

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Shrine of Báb

On Mount Carmel 

- Haifa, Israel

Shrine of


(Under construction, Akka, Israel)

Shrine of Bahia'u'llah located outside city of Akka, Israel

Shrine of Bahá'u'lláh near Akka, Israel

Architect rendering of Shrine of Abdul-Baha
Arc of God on Mt. Carmel showing the Universal House of Justice (center) and the Center of the Study of the Divine Text (right)

Baha’i World Centre

On Mount Carmel

- Haifa, Israel

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